FREE Golf Lesson Online

FREE Golf Lesson Online


Our FREE golf lesson online is the best way for you to find out what YOUR swing looks like, get a PGA Professional opinion and learn just how easy it is to improve your golf game right from your own backyard!

golf-lessons-with-video-analysisYou can use a cell phone or digital camera.  With your cell phone you can mail us the video right from the phone.  For a free golf lesson online with a digital camera you may need to move your video from your digital camera on to your computer and then email it to us.  It’s easy and well worth the effort and it’s FREE!  E-mail your video to

Here’s a sample lesson all the way from New Zealand!

Here are some easy to follow instructions for taking and sending your golf swing video and getting your free golf lesson online

Once we receive your video we will email you back the video analysis with commentary and attach drills that are appropriate to your specific swing needs which will start you on your way to a better golf game.