The Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect Golf Swing

No I’m not talking about a player on tour.  I’m talking about a robot!  I compare the robot to Ernie Els and Tiger Woods for similarities and there are many.  The video below should give you a better idea of what you need to accomplish in your golf swing.

1) Set up with a 90 degree spine angle and maintenance of same throughout the swing or slightly past impact.
2) Hurl or swing the golf club on an angle 90 degrees to the spine angle or on the same angle as the shaft at address.
3) Keep the golf club face a right angles to the path of the golf club

That’s it!  Oh yea, you sort of need to align yourself at the intended target in the first place.  Of course there is also rhythm, tempo, balance and oh the heck with this, let’s play tennis!  No wait, watch the video first!


A couple of things mentioned in the video that I think are key is the presetting of the angle before making the back swing and the stopping at the top of the back swing before beginning the down swing.  That is a drill Tiger used to with Butch many years ago when he was playing his best golf.  The Tiger Woods drill is available here. [/sws_text_video]

I think I found the Best Golf Putter Ever?

I think I found the Best Golf Putter Ever?

best-golf-putterSomething caught my eye at the PGA show this year, 2015.  I saw a sign that said, “the only no torque putter!”  Yea right.  How you can have a no torque putter when the club shaft is on the inside of the arc.  Of course the face balanced putter, (that’s where the face is pointing skyward when you balance the shaft on your finger) alleviates some torque or I should say allows you to swing the putter on a more straight back and forth motion.

The Axis putter is designed so that the face of the putter is balanced toward where you’re going, the target!  Dynamite!  With Luis’s heel weighted design the club face will not open up on you like a traditional putter.  It didn’t take more than a few rolls on the carpet in his booth that I gladly handed over my Visa card so you can try mine when I get back to Richmond.   Click on this link to watch a video from the inventor Luis Pedraza that better explains the concept.

I also tried to do a personal interview with Luis for you but again the sound is not the greatest so turn your sound levels up.

Scott Hamilton Speaks at V-1 Session

Scott Hamilton Speaks at V-1 Session

Scott is an accomplished teaching pro who teaches about eight players on the PGA tour.  Some names you might recognize are Boo Weekly, Brendon Todd, Russell Henly and more. He was nice enough to explain some of his teaching techniques and his study on body motion in the golf swing which is a popular topic among teachers right now.  He uses the Boditrak which I promised will be in a Blog shortly with all the data and how it could effect your game.

The volume is not as high as I hoped so you need to turn your volume up all the way but it’s worth the trouble I promise you.  Really good stuff.


You can learn more about Scott at

Lopez Talks Golf On The National PGA Scene

Lopez Talks Golf On The National PGA Scene

bobby-lopez-jim-mcleanThanks to the confidence the folks at V-1 had in me, I was invited to be a guest speaker for PGA pros at the 2015 PGA show in Orlando along with Jim McClean.  The pressure’s on but we can take it.

I can say that meeting Jim McLean was and honor and pleasure and he could not have been nicer.  I spoke at 11:00 AM and Jim at 4 PM so I returned to hear what he had to say.  You can always learn something from a veteran teacher.  Jim is high on the new Boditrak system that tracks your body motion in the golf swing.  I will be doing a complete Blog entry on nothing but the BodiTrak shortly so stay tuned.  I will also include a video of teaching professional Scott Hamilton who teaches about eight tour players and is equally high on this new Boditrak system.


Here’s some feedback on my presentation:

Dear Bobby,
Thank you SO very much for your presentation for V1 on how to use your branded academy.  It was awesome.  Please send me the slides you mentioned so I can learn more of what you know. 
Thank you for sharing your experience and methods.

Dear Bobby,

I thought your presentation yesterday was amazing !
Your ideas & implementation are brilliant !  well done !  It’s also amazing that you would be willing to share these ideas with others.
anyway, I would like to take the online course about Google that you suggested & Learn More about your business ideas, which I truly found to be exciting.
Bill Osetek (the guy sitting next to you) & pga
Member from met section

The New Wilson D-200 Driver

The New Wilson D-200 Driver

For those of you that have already seen the new Palo Grande driver I made…guess what?  Wilson is making the same thing, almost.  Their driver is only 10 grams heavier but based on the same concept of lighter overall weight to increase wilson-golf-driver-d200club head speed.

Their D-200 Driver is $299 and 46 inches long at 268 grams overall weight.  The Palo Grande is 258 grams at $199.  I’m going to hit the new Wilson driver tomorrow and give you my honest feed back.  If their club is better I might try to approach them on making a deal.  I want my students to have the best driver possible in their hands because the tee shot is so important to lowering your scores.


Check the Blog soon for more info from the 2015 PGA show.

God Bless America – Kate Smith

God Bless America – Kate Smith

Dave Neel sent this link to me and with perfect timing.  This year I’m asking Santa to bring us a blessing from God.  With all the divisiveness going on today, we need to get back to the basics that our Founders envisioned.  We’re getting off track and our opponents know it.

Watch this video of Kate Smith singing God Bless America and have a very Merry Christmas!  We forget GOD we can forget the blessings!

The Army Navy Football Game

What’s the Army Navy Football Game
doing on a golf blog?

I’ve made it a ritual to always watch the Army Navy football game every year on TV.  Well, thanks to one of our great students, (Steve Fortner former Navy Veteran himself), tickets to the game were secured and Steve and I drove up to Baltimore to see the game yesterday.  If you have never attended the Army Navy game and can get tickets, (hard to get) it is worth every minute and every dime that it costs you.

I’ve been to several Super Bowls and the super bowl is not comparable to the Army Navy game, sorry.  With all the commercial hoop-laa at the super bowl the tradition and atmosphere at the Army Navy game is far superior and unbelievable.

The festivities started with the parachute jumps down to the field of play followed by fly overs by helicopters and jets.  I don’t mind admitting that I had to hold back the tears from all the emotion.  My first thought was a thank you to grandfather for making the effort to come to America in 1920.  Without his courage and belief in the American dream none of what I saw yesterday would have been possible.  (By the way, he came to America expecting nothing more than an opportunity)

Most impressive were the cadets on both sides.  Yes we still have fine young people in America that are smart, polite, well groomed and dedicated to their country and defense of our constitution.  They could teach a thing or two to some of our folks in congress.

Here’s a picture of the field of play below with the team coming out of the tunnel.














There were several videos that were played on the large screen and the video below is the one that I thought was the best.  Watch below.

Oh yea…who was I routing for?  Well I attended an Army Military Academy as a youngster but my son is a former Navy Corpsman so I have to go Navy or else.  But there is one thing you could feel throughout the stadium.  No matter what team would win, no one held animosity or were disappointed.  The game is great but the brotherhood in arms is far more important. May God bless every cadet out there and may God Bless the United States of America.

I Like the Way John Spieth Plays Golf

I Like the Way John Spieth Plays Golf

Great golf swing tempo, rhythm and balance

Golfers get so hung-up on golf swing positions that I think many golfers miss the point.  Of course it is in the best interest of the swing gurus and golf magazines to show positions and do comparisons.  Good for business.  Guilty as charged!  I do it all the time.

However, is the golf swing tempo and golf swing management even more important or influential to your success as a golfer than the golf swing position?  Proper swing positions can “in theory” make it easier or “less risky” to return the golf club face to the proper impact position.  Yea?  Tell that to Jim Furyk or Lee Trevino.

Now just maybe, (in the case of Jim Furyk and John Spieth, having less than ideal swing positions like grip and more), questionable swing positions might cause one to have to be even more cognizant of their swing management.  As an example both Furyk and Spieth are excellent golf game managers.

Roberto DiVincenzo, (great Argentine golfer that had controversy at the Masters) once told me, “great faith will beat a great swing any time.”  Let’s add to that, “great swing management will beat a great swing without good management every time.”

Why not spend a little more time on your swing preparation, (pre-shot routine) swing ignition, (how you start it back) and over all tempo of your golf swing, especially on the initiation of the down swing.  Nickalus used to say, “swing within yourself.”

You can swing harder and not hit the ball any further because you missed the center of the golf club face.  So concentrate on the above as well as a good center hit and improve consistency.  Here’s the swing analysis of John Spieth below.

New Callaway Golf Ball

New Callaway Golf Ball

You’ve heard me many times that you should consider hitting the same golf ball throughout the entire season.  Not for distance as much as for around the green.  You MUST get used to how the ball comes off the putter face, (recoil speed) as well as your chip shots and how the golf ball reacts when it hits the green.

Well, with the slow down in the sales of new drivers, you will see the golf club companies really focusing on the technology in the golf ball.  One of the downsides to that is the new golf ball every year syndrome.  You have to recalculate with your new golf ball the distance and short game performance.

With all this being said, Callaway is very excited about a break trough they’ve made with a new golf ball configuration (The Callaway Chrome Soft) that promises to offer the best of both worlds.  Generally the longer golf balls are hard and not very agile around the green.  A perfect example is the Pinnacle golf ball that mostly long drive contest golfers use.

The soft cover and core golf ball like the Titleist V1, the Callaway SR1,2,3 have the best performance around the green but usually cost top dollar as well. As much as $5 every time you hit a golf ball in the water, yikes!

I have no idea what the new Callaway golf ball is going to cost but I do have the preview video sent to me by Callaway that describes some of the features with Phil Nickelson.  The video does not mention the name but it will be the Chrome Soft.

Follow this Blog for an update once I have it.


So You Want To Play On The Seniors Champion Tour

So You Want To Play On The Seniors Champions Tour

Yea right!  It ain’t so easy to get on the Champions Tour.  You can ask all the guys down in Florida right now playing their guts out for only five, yes that’s 5 spots available for exemption on the Champions tour.

Not to mention the sectional qualifying tournament you would have had to endure and finish at the top of the stack in order to be one of the 85 players in the final tournament of 72 holes to qualify for an exemption on the Champions Tour.

You can see the Champions Tour scoreboard here.

The first group of individuals exempt on the Champions Tour, (meaning they get to play) are the players with the most earnings from the PGA tour.  So if you’re a new comer get to the back of the line and play in the two qualifiers. 

That means that Freddy Couples gets to play no matter how well he is playing if he feels like playing.  You might say he earned it by playing well in his youth and you might be right.  Fact is , that the PGA probably thinks that you the viewer are not to going to tune in on TV if you don’t recognize the names playing.

Oh yea, it costs $2,500 entry fee for the final qualifier plus all your expenses for a chance to be one of the top five.  Not a good bet.  I take my hat off to all the guys that tried though.  Guys like my friend Joe Daley.  Joe didn’t play his best this week but he is a long time veteran of the tour.  Like a journeyman quarterback that’s played for a ton of NFL teams but you cant remember his name.  By the way, Joe won a major just two years ago.  Still he’s back having to qualify.  Now that’s tough!

What’s my opinion.  Well I can make one because I ain’t playing.  I think that more spots available for Monday qualifiers is not only appropriate but would possibly wake up the Champions Tour to new blood.  Why recycle the same players we’ve seen in the past.  Nothing wrong with it but let’s see some new blood.  Some Cinderella stories that might give the local golfers some hope.

“Long time insurance agent beats the pros and wins on the Champions Tour”, etc etc.  Yea!  Get the crowd pulling for the under dog!  Just a thought.

Here’s a video analysis of Frank Esposito’s golf swing.  The winner of the qualifying tournament at 11 under par.