Golf Swing Analysis Bubba Watson vs. Jordan Spieth

Golf Swing Analysis
Bubba Watson vs. Jordan Spieth

I guess you didn’t see a lot of swing analysis on the Masters coverage with the swing of Bubba Watson?  I just doesn’t fit the narrative.  Bubba Watson does for us though!  Play golf with the swing you got, not with some swing method or theory that might not fit your natural tendencies.

Even as nice a swing as Jordan Spieth has, you can go through a list of swing faults, (according to the gurus) starting with his grip.  One of the most basic fundamentals. 

Sometimes you just can’t teach golf by the book and we certainly don’t.  You have to treat each individual swing with the special care to not upset the apple cart unless it is extremely necessary.  Especially for the twice a month golfer.  The casual golfer will not log the sufficient number of reps to change a habit.  They may think they have, but if I followed them around the golf course with a camera, they would be shocked at how they didn’t actually make a change at all and reverted right back to their natural tendencies.

Can you imagine trying to change the golf swing of Bubba Watson?  How about Jim Furyk?  I can name a lot more back in my day.  How about Miller Barber, Gay Brewer, Lee Trevino and more.

Here’s the steps to developing a golf swing YOU can use. 

1) Determine who your swing is now.  Yes who!  Consider your swing a living organism that has a personality and certain traits you need to deal with. 

How can you get to know your swing?  Take a video of your swing with your cell phone and send it to for a FREE analysis.

2) We can make suggestions as to what tendencies are hurting you an why?  Which ones you dare try and change and which tendencies you might have to live with.

Take a look at this short video analysis of Bubba Watson vs. Jordan Spieth and you will see the natural tendencies they have.  They both have swing faults and so should you!  Was it Nicklaus that said, “golf is not a game of perfect.”  You need to know what your tendencies are and how to use them to your advantage.

Be Careful with a Golf Tip!

Be Careful with Golf Tips!

There is a flurry of golf tip sites all over the internet and more growing everyday. Join our group they say, and you can search our golf tip vault from the best players in the world.  There is one BIG problem with that.  Which golf tip is right for your swing?

How many of you would go online about a medical condition you have, look at the different medications suggested and then start taking them all, one at a time.  You might literally kill yourself from a bad reaction.  Same thing applies here.  Be careful with a golf tip!

The golf tip vault has no idea how YOU swing the golf club.  What can be a great tip for one could be poison to another.  Plus you might not have considered that these sites are using the golf tip to make money off of you and the pros!  The golf tip is bait to attract you as a customer to their merry go round chasing the latest gimmick that will take you to the promise land of golf and a possible invite to the Masters.  Yea right!

Here’s the really dangerous one.  A Golf tip from your playing pals.  Maron!  That well meaning friend may have tried something with his/her golf swing that worked for them but could be to your total detriment.

That’s why we insist on you taking your cell phone, doing a “selfie” of your golf swing and emailing it to us at so we can see YOUR swing.  Only by seeing you in action can I or anyone else determine what group of drills could do the trick.  Even then we might have to tweak the “medication” a bit, (shift drills) to get the kind of lasting results we’re looking for.

A golf tip can be very helpful if it’s the right tip.  There is nothing like being with you personally but your sending us a video of your swing, is next best thing.  That way we will prescribe the right golf tip for your game.  Watch this sample below.

If you would like to get your very own FREE video analysis of your swing just go to