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What Is Quick Fix Golf? 

Quick Fix Golf is a proven program to fix your game…quickly! The teaching professionals at Quick Fix are skilled at 1) immediately identifying swing flaws, and 2) communicating guidance and practice drills to dramatically improve anyone’s golf swing.

The foundation of the Quick Fix Method is the golf instruction expertise and philosophy of PGA professionals, Bobby Lopez and Darren deMaille, two of the world’s most highly respected golf instructors. With a combined 60 years of teaching experience, Bobby and Darren honed their craft by working with legendary instructors and ball strikers like Vince Allen, Chico Miartuz, Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Michael Breed, Martin Hall, and Jack Druga. 


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Quick Fix Reviews:

Arron Bowles – "I lowered my handicap from a 20 to a 13!" 
Margit Connelly – "I just shot a 76!"  
Peter Sierlicki – "I can hit a 7 iron where I used to use a 5 iron!"
George Misok – "I've gained 40 – 60 yards on my tee shots!"  
John Hall – "One of the smartest things I’ve done!"  
Clyde Johnson – "It’s been fun and rewarding!" 
Bill Tatu – "I’m playing my best golf in twenty years!" 
Patrick Mooney – "I went from an 18 handicap to an eight!" 

Play Better Golf, NOW!

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