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2011 U. S. Open Interview with Jimmy Barrett.

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on June 19 2011

Here’s the interview we did live.  Remember this stuff is live!  I’m honored that Jimmy trusts me enough to behave myself on the air.  I tired to do my home work and still on Sunday morning, stand behind my statements.  The rough is way to short out there!  Too many greens hit in regulation from out of the rough.  What’s the positive for golf?  Well maybe having the younger long hitting field improves television ratings?  Maybe it attracts younger folks to the game of golf?

I can’t disagree with any of that….except.  Do it in the Doral Open!  The U.S. Open was always featured as the most difficult field with the most difficult conditions.  Bring out the best of the best in accuracy and nerve for the best golf.  It’s only once a year!