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Another Lady Junior Golfer Future Star

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 15 2017

Gabrielle Cuellar now ads to this list of outstanding young lady golfers heading for a full scholarship!

Why are we having so much success with young female golfers?  Two great reasons.  First they all have one common asset, their Dads.  Second, they have something you just can’t coach, desire!

I’m not mentioning Gabrielle to brag about our teaching.  It’s about her own desire and dedication to her golf game and the fine support from her Dad.  Gabrielle’s Dad Phillip attends every lesson and learns enough at the lesson to help his own game, (a really good golfer in his own right) as well as develop and eye for what Gabrielle is working on.

Gabrielle has great grades and a very bright future in whatever shes decides to do in life.  Golf is going to be a big bonus for her.  Golf IS the game of business!

Young lady golfers have a big advantage over the boys for College scholarship support due to Title IX regulations.  Gabrielle is well on her way to a full scholarship!  I’m sure Gabrielle will never forget the exciting experience she will have traveling with her college golf team. 

Congratulations Gabrielle and Phil and keep going.  You’re on your way!


 Thanks so much!!! You made her week!!!! She is Gleaming right now!!!  Thank you for all your help, because of your help is the only reason she is excelling. I have paid up to $150 a lesson with “top” instructors before we met you and she learned nothing. The best thing about it all, you keep it fun and keep her smiling. So it is very refreshing to have such a great golf coach for my daughter. When the weather breaks we will down to see you. Thanks again.
Phil Cuellar