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Are You Playing Whacamole With Your Golf Game?

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on December 28 2019

One of my favorite games at any arcade or amusement park is the game of Whacamole.  You never know where or when the head is going to pop out and you have to be quick.  It is such a fun random game of coordination, luck and speed. 

Unfortunately the average golfer plays their golf game this same way.  Consistency starts with behavior and behavior is under your control.  This is one of the three things golfers are always complaining about, "I am not consistent". 

If you are randomly whacking at the ball without a plan or an idea of what your major swing fault is, YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE!  Elite golfers know their faults and are constantly working on them. 

Working on your golf game is like spraying for roaches, once you stop spraying the roaches come back.  Quick Fix Golf has created several programs to help you with your golf game in a cost effective way. 

Check out our Local Lessons, Enhanced Skill Development Classes, One Day School, Continuing Education Program as well as our Unlimited Online Video Analysis.