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Ballet Dancers Have the Right Idea

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on December 18 2019

There are many reasons to use a mirror in golf and dance training.  The mirror provides immediate visual feedback and allows you to evaluate the height and shape of  the movement.  It promotes you to the correct  placement, and to assess the line of their bodies and or the golf club.  As golfers we need to think more this way.  At Quick Fix Golf we understand you can not see yourself swing a golf club.  With this being the case, the use of the mirror to help you understand where you are at so you relate the position to the feel you have. In addition it can help you see what you might not feel. For example, I often don’t feel my shoulder rising up or that my wrist looks funny, but I can see it in a mirror and correct it.

There have been a handful of scientific research studies with university dance students which explore how mirrors affect dancers’ performance in the dance studio. One study reported that university dance students who learned a dance phrase with the use of the mirror had better movement retention over a two-week period than students who learned the phrase in a non-mirrored dance classroom. 

It is unlikely you will bring a mirror with you to the golf course, however I have a trick up my sleeve on this one.  Use your ipad and reverse the screen turning the camera into a mirror.  Works just as well and you will be able to see what you are feeling.