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Be Careful Taking Golf Swing Advice From Golf Magazines!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 28 2006

Be Careful Taking Golf Swing Advice From Golf Magazines!

Many a good golf swing has been ruined by over emphasizing a golf tip from a golf magazine or a golf book. I’m not necessarily blaming the magazine mind you. The golf magazine is in the business of providing golf information for their clients and I’m sure they try to do their best. Problem is, as much as any golf guru would like to say they are trying to help the golfing public with their article, in private most will tell you that to offer the proper and effective advice for YOUR golf game they need to see you swing a golf club.

Golfers read what seems like a great tip, and it might be, but for another golf swing rather than yours. They attempt to apply what the expert suggests only to find themselves in worse trouble then when they started, more frustrated and confused and in some cases giving up the game altogether.

My suggestion is to take golf advise just like to should take news reports. They might be true but there is probably more to the issue. Take what you think might be a good idea to your teaching pro first. Ask him/her about the article, it’s application and whether it would be a good idea for your swing style.

Also you should make sure your teaching pro, (if you’re taking lessons) knows that you are attempting to try a tip you’ve read or seen on TV. The worst thing you can do is incorporate another swing theory with the one your pro is working with you on. That spells disaster!

Bottom line, read the magazine to keep up with golf, outstanding offers for golfing vacations and the latest golf clubs. Listen to your Mom when it comes to golf instruction, “don’t talk to strangers”!

Bobby Lopez, PGA