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Brand New Golf Drill For Over The Top!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 24 2012

Brand New Golf Drill For Over The Top!

Here’s a golf drill well worth watching.  After the day on the golf course at Birkdale with the pro I asked John Adams, (one of your lesson members) to follow me over to the range for an idea I had for alleviating the spin motion he did most of the day on the golf course.

It worked!  John said it was the best drill I’ve given him yet and when he watches this video he will be even more convinced that this spin motion is the only thing he should be working on until he gets this spin motion under control, (remember you’re never cured, you’re in remission).

The spin move will return if he’s not careful.  All of us need to first identify what our golf swing problem is and then apply the proper medication in the form of a drill to keep the faulty motion in check.  You also need to repeat the drill or drills on a regular business to remind your body that the body spin is NOT what will help you accelerate the golf club.

This video also proves that the portion of your lesson program that includes “on course” instruction is extremely important for both the student and the teacher.  I get to see you in action on the golf course which in many cases is NOT what you look like on the driving range.

Take a look at the video below.  For any questions call 804-378-7456