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Can A Personality Profile Help Your Golf Game?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 22 2006

I ran in to a very nice lady at the Nation Speaker Association conference, Jennifer Munro that has a very successful business in profiling employees for businesses. She’s adapted her talents to the game of golf after becoming addicted to the game around 1994. She now assists tour players in their mental strategies and offered to do a profile on me so I could experience the program for myself.

I was tentative at first for fear that I would have to replace her computer after entering my test answers but figured what the heck why not. She’ll only find out what I already know, I’m nuts!

I got back the results and they were quite impressive. She was able to list out the situations I should avoid while playing golf and the situations I should encourage. For instance…she was able to determine that because of my personality I should slow down before playing a golf shot, concentrate more on my tempo, pre-shot routine, and think more conservative and less aggressive. I guess the program did not mention to knock off the Cuban coffee before a round either!

I can tell you from experience that the analysis was right on target and worth doing. You can reach Jennifer at You can get all the details on getting your own analysis.

They say that golf is 90 percent mental so who knows, it might help you. I’m going to apply what I learned from it.