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Can Ballet Improve Your Golf Game?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on October 13 2009

There you go, now you need to join your kids in ballet lessons so you can improve your golf game! Not at all. But, I had the pleasure of teaching yesterday a member of the Richmond Ballet Company and he was a beginning golfer which is why I chose to include this experience in the daily blog.

Even though he was a beginner, (I’m not mentioning the name without his permission) he had a very keen understanding of balance and knowing how to feel where is body was going. Dancers are used to working in front of a mirror and understand the effort to “teach or train” your body to go to a specific place or position.

It was amazing how quickly his swing began to take shape in a very short period of time. Maybe Ballet lessons would help but I think a better emphasis on SLOWLY moving yourself around the swing plane in front of mirror will help anyone build a better swing path and thus a more consistent swing.

Maybe you saw the video of Ben Hogan practicing in slow motion If not you can see it at

Do your drills slowly and deliberately and “feel” where your body is going. Do it all ‘in balance”.