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Didn’t Jack Nicklaus say, “Keep Your Head Still?” – Yea right!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on June 03 2014

Keep Your Head Still

How many times have you heard, “keep your head still!”  In fact, Nicklaus might have been the one to tell you that.  Isn’t Jack Nicklaus the best golfer ever? Shouldn’t we do without question anything he says? Well?

Take a look at this video analysis below which demonstrates that Nicklaus moves his head, like it or not, and so do a lot of other PGA touring pros.  The key element to control is your front shoulder and arm.  Oh yea and your back hand too!  Those are the three elements that need to line up perfectly at impact, not your head.

Golf is a back handed game which is why your golf glove is wore on your left hand, (right hand for lefties).  If you can create a wide enough coil in your back swing to produce power without moving your head, more power to you.  You must be the rubber band man!