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Flipping Your Hands at Impact in Your Golf Swing?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on June 01 2012

Flipping Your Hands at Impact in Your Golf Swing?

Here’s a swing fault that many a golfer between the average score of 75 – 90 seeks to improve on, in order to improve to the next level.  You can only get so good with a flipping motion at impact.  Why?  One, you’re increasing loft on the golf club so you turn your seven iron into a nine iron, thus loosing distance.  In addition, your flip is causing the golf club face to be open, causing the ball to fly higher and away from you, (fade).

How do you get rid of such a problem?  Well, first take a look of an analysis I did on a young man that has a slide and flip move, that is holding him back from his full potential.

You can get a video analysis of your swing over the internet FREE!  You need to know if you are flipping at address and what to do about it.

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