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Golf Ball Position in Stance

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on April 10 2014

Ball Position In Stance

Since consistent ball striking is our goal, consistent hand position is vital. We do not want to have thirteen different hand placements for thirteen different clubs. You will find different theories on where the hands should be at address. However, I would say that your ball position must match your angle of attack (your path to the golf ball).

The various clubs will determine the ball position. Each club’s manufacturer has designed its club to sit in a particular position. In general, the shorter clubs (6 iron thru SW) will sit primarily in the center of your stance. The longer clubs will gradually move forward, (club head only) in the stance up to the driver. The entire set will not move at all in the butt of the
golf club, only the club head.  A consistent hand position will also increase the likelihood of making contact at the optimum point in the downswing. This will help you maintain the same club face angle at impact. Consistent club face angle and loft angle in every swing
add up to more consistent direction and trajectory.

You need to find your ideal impact position and develop an address
position that is similar but not identical.