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Golf Swing Analysis Sergio Garcia

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on August 26 2012

Golf Swing Analysis Sergio Garcia

Well Sergio finally pops up on the scene after lulling us to sleep for several years now.  He burst on the scene as a young super golfer, doing exhibitions with Tiger and others, only to fizzle out or so it seemed.

Now, could it be the non-traditional putter he has now, which is very popular on tour and should be disallowed in my estimation, made a difference?  I do not believe one should be able to brace the golf club against their body in any manner, period.  They better outlaw it quick before Tiger gets one.  I believe that Hogan is turning in his grave.

Take a look at the comparison of Sergio vs. Sergio and notice some slight deviations to his back swing.  Players go through periods where they are making slight deviations to their back swings without being aware of it.  That’s why I believe the caddy has evolved from a bag carrier part time club selector to an assistant swing coach with a keen eye for their players idiosyncrasies.