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Golf Swing Analysis Zach Johnson

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on July 25 2012

Here is an analysis of this weeks winner on tour, Zach Johnson.  He is a body turning type of swing but more importantly he is a very very nice guy.  A positive influence on the people he meets and an example many other players on tour should follow.

Notice how he rotates on his spine.  Yes there is good and bad to this method, just like any other.  If he maintains his spine angle throughout the swing he will be consistent.  Downside is he might not be a long hitter, (averages 276.4 off the tee) and he might have some back issues later in life, maybe.  I’m not a Doctor or Chiropractor and each individual has their own issues when it comes to good health and sports injuries.

Again, the best part of this fine golfers is his attitude and Christian foundation.  It’s always fun to root for the good guys!