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Golf Wedges and Their Bounce Factor

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 20 2012

What prompted this entry was a follow-up fitting we did on the purchase of a new set of Callaway Black Irons, where the golfer was hitting the ball perfectly on the sole of the golf club for loft and lie angle on his six iron, but the wedge was making contact with the ground on the trailing edge of the golf club.

This short video below will give you a better perspective on the bounce factor on wedges and why this occurred.  It might be happening to you and you are not aware of it because you haven’t hit balls on a lie board. (a board usually of plastic where you hit a golf ball off of it with an impact tape on the bottom of the golf clubs so you know how and where you made contact with the board)

lie-angleActually all golf clubs have “bounce” (radius) on the sole or at least they should AND every golf club should have a slightly different bounce angle. Why? To accommodate the angle of attack which is different for every golf club.  Why?  Because each golf club is different in length.  The shorter the golf club the steeper the lie angle. (lie angle is measured from the center of the shaft to the ground in degrees)

When someone asks, were should he ball be in my stance?  The answer is, how are the soles designed.

Here’s a big key when buying a wedge.  You can’t just buy one off the wall or in a barrel, UNLESS you are already versed on the different sole configurations available, what they will do to your impact point and have already used that configuration in the past, tested it and are basically just replacing a prior wedge.

Best way to buy a wedge is testing it outside in the presence of a qualified professional that is well versed on the subject himself and specializes in wedge play.

Here’s the portion of our last webinar that relates to wedge bounce.  Hope it helps your golf game.  Just click on the graphic.



If you would like to see the full webinar we had on wedges try the following link. Full Webinar on Wedges, Bounce Angles and Buy A Wedge