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If You Could Only Use a Teleprompter When You Play Golf

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on November 22 2019

Golf would be a lot easier if we were able to read instructions from a teleprompter before making a swing.  It would display pertinent info on your thoughts and feels and guide you through the shot you are about to hit.  Most amateur’s thoughts are unfocused and most of the time unrelated to golf.  The amateur who think they have the answer, realistically are self-medicated.  Everyone should have their own imaginary teleprompter to look at before they hit the ball.  This will get you focused on what you need to do and will distract you from any anxiety from the shot in front of you.  Once you have the correct game plan, implement it, with your teleprompter.  Here are a few ideas of what you should be scrolling on your screen.


The average golfer does not have the luxury of using a caddie every time they play.  Caddies are very helpful judging club selection, wind direction, reading how the ball lies, and reading greens.  In addition, a caddie can encourage a player and build confidence as well as clear up any uncertainty.  Your teleprompter needs to have all of the factual information needed to approach hitting the shot at hand that a caddie would provide.  Your teleprompter should begin with this information and will get you into a routine that will distract you from any pressure.

Pre-swing Thoughts

You can have as many pre-swing thoughts as you need before you hit the golf ball, however when it comes time to pull the trigger you need to be limited to one.  Pre-swing thoughts should include, grip, setting up correctly, alignment, waggle, and other adjustments that you might need to make to hit the shot at hand.  Once all of your pre-swing thoughts are addressed your mind needs to focus on the one in swing thought or feel.  Your teleprompter needs to include all of your pre-swing keys.  Most bad swings occur from setup so it is important to get this correct. 

In-Swing Thoughts

Most amateurs have too many thoughts while they are attempting to hit a golf ball and a lot of the time these thoughts are unrelated to golf.  However those of you who do have in-swing thoughts, need to keep them simple and consistent.  Everyone who plays golf has his or her own bad habits and tendencies.  Email us a video of your swing if you do not and we will analyze it for free.  Once you have a game plan, stay consistent with one in-swing thought or feel.  Most of the people I see cannot hit 10 shots in a row with the same thought or feel.  Your teleprompter should have the same in-swing instructions on what you need to do. This should not change from shot to shot, your pre-swing and caddie thoughts will.  Performing the same act over and over will create a habit and is why it is important to keep your in-swing thoughts the same every time.  Most people do not realize how long it actually takes to groove a habit in your golf swing.  The best players in the game realize it takes years, not a weekend.