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Have you seen Charlie Woods, (Tiger Wood's 11 year old son) hit a golf ball?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 18 2020

Watch the video analysis Darren did on Charlie Woods at

Yes I was taken back with my first view of Tiger's son Charlie swinging a golf club.  Darren brought this to my attention and when I saw it I said, WOW!

Why?  Look at his grip!  Look at how closed his club face is at the top of the backswing!   The big question again is WHY? 

Does Tiger know something we don't know and not telling us all? Is there a reason he wants Charlie playing with such a strong grip.  He certainly hasn't tried to stop it.  Maybe Tiger was tired of watching Dustin Johnson hit it by him?  (In case you didn't know Dustin is real closed at the top of his backswing).

They call a closed club head position as "strong" and open "weak."  With a strong club face angle you lower the loft of your club face which provides faster ball speed off the face.  An open face does the opposite.

I'm going to be doing a full report on WHY shortly.  When we understand why, we will have a better understanding of how a golf club is constructed or mis-constructed in my view, which causes the game to be so difficult.

My point is there is NO support for the toe of the golf club. The shaft is on the inside of the club thus requiring the golf club to rotate through the hitting area.  You can use a putter with the shaft in the middle of the club head or even outside the club head.  Not true with your golf clubs.  USGA deems it unlawful.

Here's two examples.  The picture on the top is how drivers are made now.  On the bottom, is how I think they should be made.  It's no wonder everybody slices at first.  The shaft is on the bottom, unlike a tennis racket that has the axis in the center of gravity, top right.

How drivers are made

how drivers should be made

Watch the video analysis Darren did on Charlie Woods at