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Having Trouble with Golf Club Selection?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on August 13 2012

Having Trouble with Golf Club Selection?

There is more to club selection than just, “what did you hit Bill?”.  Back in the old days, most all the golf clubs were uniform.  A six iron had about 36 degrees of loft, (today’s average is 32) and the length was about the same, even if the golfer was 6″ 3″” tall.

I remember when Ping first came out with their golf clubs with the number on the back of the golf club.  Golfers at that time thought is was unfair for the opponent to know what golf club the golfer was hitting.

Most golfers have no idea exactly what they hit their six iron vs. their seven.  They guesstimate and in a lot of cases exaggerate their ability, because they think of that one great shot they hit instead of working with an average distance and with a swing tempo they can handle.  A consistent swing tempo is critical to developing golf club selection that is effective and dependable.

Here’s a road map you might consider:

1) Choose one golf ball you like and can afford and stick to it.
2) Go to a par three late in the afternoon when there sin’t a lot of play and hit a six iron to a green with about six balls and average out the distances to the pitch mark.
3) If you can’t do that try an open field or a quite driving range with your own golf balls.
4) Have your lofts and lie checked on your golf clubs.  Your lofts must be consistent, (most likely four degrees difference in loft per golf club) in order to have a consistent difference in distance per golf club.  Most say it’s about 10-12 yards per club.

Watch this video for further information on this topic.