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Here’s a Response From One Of Our Loyal Members On The Tiger Woods Situation.

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on August 10 2010

Bobby Lopez here! Below is an unedited response from Maynard Crawley. Thanks Maynard for taking the time to write a well thought out opinion!

i agree with your thoughts about the state of affairs in america. the media seems to reward the absurd. it is clear that thieves, drug addicts, alcoholics and the “girls” that promote using their body to “get-ahead” gets all the media attention. one point to illustrate this is the: “salasse” woman (i think this is how it is spelled), this is the one who crashed the state diner at the white house. this means she and her husband breached the highest security bar in this land. she now has a reality TV show-the person that let them in -she got fired (ms. rodgers) and the perpetrators got rewarded with a TV show? figure that!

Now about Tiger! how can a person play competitive golf in this situation. the cards are stacked against him thanks to the media. with the media’s appetite for sensationalism-tiger is watched 24 x 7. this means that he can’t go out and get a drink, he can’t go shopping, he can’t go for a walk in the park, he can’t go out with another woman for companionship. he cannot do anything personally ( forget golf) without being judged. his marriage and his golf are 2 different things. for sure he has been judged with these “puritanical” measures and this Dr. “Phil” attitude that the media wants to project on this guy. how can anyone play golf under these conditions. i think tiger went wrong when he tried to “apologize” to the media and the fans. he should have told them (nicely)- to “hell” with the endorsements. i have marriage issues just like everyone else and it has nothing to do with my character or me being a role model. if this is the gold standard for behavior then why is a “Myle Cyris” who had episodes of dressing like a “stripper on a pole” and provocative photo shoots continue to get gigs and endorsements-what kind of message does this send to young girls.

In every relationship there are 2 points of view. no one is questioning what tigers wife did or did not do. when a woman who is hanging around the pro-golf circuit or any professional sport, these woman know that they will come in contact with young men with plenty of money. they know what is going on. why would a woman who had no career going for herself, have been around the circuit-all of a sudden goes berserk? she knows what the deal his. if she had good intentions she should have recognized what kind of attention this would bring and should have helped him resolve this womanizing issue privately with her. she knows what the risk are when you marry a highly paid and recognized young athlete

this whole thing is BS in my opinion!-thanks Maynard