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Here’s a way to heal your golf swing all by yourself…if you have the discipline to do it!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on July 06 2011

This is a drill Hogan was famous for and it’s a good one.  First you have to have a good grip!  I’ve attached for you a video of the proper grip so you can compare it to what you’re doing now.  When gripping the golf club, always do it in front of your face.  I see golfers trying to adjust their grip while their hands are at address.  Not a god idea.  Lift the golf club up to your face, make sure your grip is just where it should be, then put the golf club down behind the golf ball.

Very important!  If you don’t have a camera to work with, find a friend to watch you and make real sure you do not re-grip the golf club on your take-a-way.  This is a common swing fault and though it may seem minor, movement of grip will actually effect  the rest of your golf swing, attempting to adjust to the change in club face angle.

OK, so now you have the club face behind the ball, ready to go….hit a shot.  Hold your position a the finish.  Check to make sure that your grip is still in it’s perfect original position.  DON’T MOVE YOUR HANDS!

Hopefully your hands have not moved so you can now put the golf club behind the ball again and hit another shot.  The purpose of the drill is to see how many balls you can hit without your hands moving out of position.  This will help your consistency.

Success in this drill is NOT determined by your hand strength or tightness of grip.  In fact, quite the opposite.  You should hold the golf club comfortably and still be able to do this drill.  If your golf club is turning in your hands, then something is out of balance.  Maybe it’s your swing path, body movement or flipping of the hands through impact that are causing the golf club to be “unbalanced” a impact, thereby turning the golf club in your hands.

I don’t remember how many balls Hogan would hit in a row but it was substantial.  If you can start off with three or four in row you’re doing good.  Here’s a link to the video