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Here’s Another In Our Series of Name That Pro!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on September 22 2012

Name That Pro!

This is truly amazing.  This is the third try and up to now nobody has guessed our name that pro.  NOBODY!  Maybe it’s because the only person they feature on TV anymore is Tiger. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!  He could be 10 over par and still they show Tiger.

Outside of the five or six top players, the others are unrecognizable?

I used to joke that I used to be called a hot dog player.  A couple were walking along the ropes looking at the program and the wife said, “who’s that hitting now?”  The husband would say, “don’t know, lets get a hot dog.”

Maybe I wasn’t far off?  Here’s a good one for you to guess at and also learn something from the video analysis.  Hope you like it.