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Hit Your Golf Ball Longer Immediately!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on November 14 2014

Hit Your Golf Ball Longer Immediately!

How many claims have you heard about new golf clubs hitting the ball longer?  Well here’s the facts.  Long and straight don’t go together and here’s why.

Weight, length and dynamic loft have the bulk of influence on how fast you swing the golf club.  The faster the club goes the further the balls goes if your golf club face is square in both cases.

To make the golf club shaft lighter the wall of the shaft has to be thinner which means more flexibility and thus less consistency.  Long hitters don’t mind a heavier shaft because distance is not the issue but rather accuracy.

I put together a driver that is 48 inches long, (the maximum allowed by law) with a light head (188 grams vs. the typical 205 grams) and light shaft of 50 grams and a very light grip of only 11 grams (most grips weigh about 53 grams).  I used a stiff shaft in the original version.

I got fed up with it, (broke it over my knee on the golf course when I bailed a third shot in a row out to the right) and made a new version with the same head, same shaft but this time in regular rather then stiff, and then added the Secret Grip from Boccelli (93 grams).

Now you should say, OK Lopez how about the heavy grip.  Well it made all the difference in my consistency and didn’t seem to hurt the distance.  At least not enough that I actually noticed it.  The heavy grip counter balanced the long length and made the shaft stiffer.  Results, WALLA (as the professor in Back to the Future would say) it works!  It really works!

Below is the silly video we made on the driver and below that is a video explaining what I built.  If you would like one I can get you one fitted to your specs for Christmas for $229.  (Regular price $279)