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How About A Lesson Over The Internet FREE!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 06 2010

How About A Lesson Over The Internet FREE!

With all the technology going on today, is it possible to do a lesson over the internet? Yes! Up until now, the best you could do is email your swing to a pro for an analysis. Problem is, the lesson is NOT in real time. How do you ask questions? How does the pro know you understand his/her analysis?

Golf Coach Direct is the first site I’ve found that actually has on line analysis in real time. Very similar but better than where you are at home or office watching the analysis on your computer screen while the pro is performing the analysis simultaneously. One added feature is IF you have a camera, both you and the pro can talk to each other and demonstrate drills for improvement. If not, you can communicate over the phone while performing the lesson in real time.

I invite you to try a lesson FREE and give me your opinion. I want to know if you enjoyed the experience? Was the system easy to use and understand? Is this something you would do again? How much would you be willing to pay for a lesson?

If you’re interested please call 804-378-7456 or go to