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How About The Flat Golf Swing of Mattt Kuchar?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on October 22 2012

I hear about Matt Kuchar all the time when giving lessons.  Matt as been around longer than you might know, (graduated from Georgia Tech in 200 but also played some tour events as an amateur) and after doing a slow motion analysis of his swing for you I believe his swing is far better than you might think!

How much money has he won with this crazy swing of his…..Mucho!  I tried to add it up from PGA Tour.Com and got disgusted and stopped.  Mucho Dinero!

For driving distance he’s 128.  There goes your excuse that you have to hit it far to win. Driving accuracy he’s 43rd.  So it isn’t that he hits it short and straight.  Greens in regulation he’s 85th!  But… scoring average he’s 5th!!!!!!!  Sand saves he’s 9th.  But that still doesn’t solve the puzzle.

Yes I had to dig deeper to better understand why his numbers were far worse than his performance and earnings.  Got it!!!  He’s 9th in approach shots from 75 to 100 yards.  He’s 8th in putts from 10 – 15 feet.  Hello!  Don’t they say you make all your money from 80 yards and in?

Maybe you need to adapt your practice habits to concentrate on 75 to 100 yard shots and 10 – 15 foot putts.  Up and in from 100 yards out.  Oh yea, he’s also rated 3rd in scrambling from the rough.

Here’s the video analysis.