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How Do You Know If A Golf Instructor Is A Good One?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 03 2006

Sounds like a dumb question but a friend of mine worked at a very well known golf magazine, (won’t mention any names here). She was asked by her editors, “How do you know if a golf instructor is a good one”? She said, “Their students get better”.

They stared in amazement as if the answer was just too simple. She was right on target though. Who cares if your instructor supposedly knows everything there is to know about the perfect golf swing, all its technical aspects and can recite the engineering terms involved. Do the students get better or not, that’s the question?

I personally believe there is just too much information overload on the golf swing causing many a golfer to get discouraged. When I teach I use the Dale Carnegie method. If someone asks for a cup of coffee you give it to them black straight up. If they ask for sugar only give them one spoonful unless they begin to ask for more.

Some instructors begin to empty the entire sugar bowl in the coffee at one time and confuse the client. The pro that brought me up used to say, “The dumber they are the better they play”. Freddy Couples and Dave Duval have proved him right.

How do they say it, the KISS method!