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How Do You Transfer Your Weight In the Golf Swing? You Don’t!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on August 24 2012

Alright stop screaming!  Let me explain.  Yes there is weight transferred in the golf swing but it is because of the upper body tilt and centrifugal force.  Now you’re really confused?

I went to see Chi Chi Ridriguez do a clinic and out of the audience came the question, “hey Chi Chi, when do you transfer your weight in the down swing?”.  Chic Chi said, “You don’t!”  He said, “if I want to hit it high and stay on my back foot, if I want to hit it low a stay on the front foot.”

Now what actually happens is your tilt in the back swing toward your back foot moves most of your weight on your back foot by virtue of the tilt, not a slide or sway.  Then you make a body turn from that same tilted position on your back foot. With your body turn and the centrifugal force created by way of the circular turn pulls you to your front foot at the finish.  You do not step on to your left or front foot first or slide to your front foot first before turning on your down swing!

The result of sliding or swaying will be pushing the ball out or a slice as well OR if you’re really quick with your hands you will snap hook the ball off to the left, (for right handers).

Take a look at the video of one of our workshop lessons below.  Hope it helps your golf game.