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How Far Do Pros Hit the Golf Ball?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on April 22 2014

How Far Do Pros Hit the Golf Ball?

How far do pros hit the golf ball?  Does it really matter?  It does on certain golf courses that are deliberately set up for the long hitters.  I think golf should go in an entirely different direction.  Make the courses shorter and tighter.

Look at some of the golf holes on tour that give the pros the most trouble.  How about number 12 at the Masters.  The hole is only about 155 yards long and most pros are hitting an 8 iron?  I would like to see the stroke average on that hole.  Whoops, got it right here.  Historic average 3.29.  That’s over par folks!

How about the 17th in Jacksonville with only a wedge and you see triple bogeys?  Does it matter on that hole how far the pros hit the golf ball?

Shorter courses would be lower maintenance costs.  Less real estate needed.  Less time needed to play, maybe.  One thing for sure….improved shot making!  Strategic golf is good golf, in my opinion.

Anyway, the important point to all this is not how far you hit the golf ball but how consistent both in direction and distance you hit the golf ball.  Better to hit your seven iron 145 yards and do it every time.  How far do pros hit the golf ball with their seven iron?  About on average 172 yards.  Isn’t that about the same distance you told the boys at the 19th hole you hit a seven last Saturday?

Below is a chart from the Trackman system which is possibly the most accurate measuring system out there and it shows stats like club head speed, launch angle, ball spin and a bunch of other numbers which are probably more than the average golfer can think about.  Good to know the truth though.  You might find that the distances are not quite as far as you might of thought.

Click here for the chart on PGA Tour Averages by the Trackman that show how far do pros hit the golf ball