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How The Patterson Driving Range Has Improved!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on June 18 2009

Yes this might seem like a commercial but if you come to Patterson Sports Park you’ll say this is accurate information. Ricki, the owner of Patterson Sports Park has gone all out in investing back in to the business for everyone’s benefit. Isn’t that refreshing!

The grass tees are looking better. Ricki also built a beautiful brick surface where all the gravel used to be. She planted beautiful flowers and trees to add to the landscape experience, and she bought brand new Srixon range balls which are my favorite.

Why Srixon, because they feel like a real golf ball and not like a rock like some other range balls. Do they go as far as some of the rock hard high compression golf balls? No. But for the better golfer trying to improve their golf game a golf ball that reacts more like the right thing is important. Especially when it calls for “working” the ball, moving it right to left etc.

By the way, the softer golf ball wears out faster so it actually costs her more money yet her prices are the lowest in town! Ask about the Patterson “circle of friends” group where you can get discount cards that make your practice costs even lower.

I’m proud to be associated with Patterson Sports Park and teaching there is a pleasure with all the beautiful surroundings. Oh, did I mention the new putting green?

Bobby Lopez, PGA