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How To Prepare To Play Golf

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 22 2014

How To Prepare To Play Golf

I’m down here in sunny Florida, (just kidding it’s drizzling) and today I play golf with my old High School team mate Max Castro. I must prepare to play golf effectively for any hope of success.  Max was a very very good golfer in High School and decided to follow his Father’s foot steps as an Optometrist which was a very smart move. He has a very successful business.  You know what they say about the golf business, to make a small fortune in the golf business, start off with a big one!

prepare-to-play-golfI haven’t be able to even hit balls back home because of the weather so I made an effort to prepare to play golf as best I could for today’s round.

There’s a driving range with lights down the road at the Chi Chi Rodriquez golf course, (I’m staying in Palm Harbor just north of Tampa) so I went over to the range, after driving enough hours to give anybody a sore back, and bought the two biggest baskets they had,  I’m guessing about 125 balls each.  All in an effort to prepare to play golf.

I started out by just hitting balls with my 58 degree wedge, (heaviest club in the bag) about 50 yards with a BIG swing in slow motion.  After a about 25 of those I repeated the same motion with a 54 degree wedge and tried taking the golf club back as slow as I could.  It never ceases to amaze me how if you take the golf club back as slow as you can, you still can’t help but accelerate on the way down.  So, why do we all take the golf club back to fast?

After about 25 of those I started up the bag,  PW, then 8 iron, then six iron all while taking the golf club back as slow as I could and accelerating on the way down NOT the way back.  One thing I noticed is when you do swing the golf clubs back a little faster you definitely have to make that transition from one direction, (going back, to going down) to the other. That transition has a significant effect on which golf shaft you should have.

Once I made it to my four iron I was surprise at how well I could accelerate after taking the golf club back slowly.  We’ll see if I can take back slower on the golf course!

I started hitting five woods so I could enjoy some success with the longer clubs.  The additional loft of the five wood vs. the three wood helps your swing tempo.  You should attempt to swing your five wood just as you did your six iron.  The golf club is longer so the club head will naturally be going faster.

Yes I finally made it to the driver and after hitting that I went backwards to the five wood, four iron, six iron, eight iron and then back to the 58 degree wedge with a BIG swing in SLOW motion.

We’re playing at 1 PM which is perfect.  It’s now 9:30 AM and I will head out to the golf course and be there by 10:30 AM.  After going in to see the pro and thank him for his courtesies, I will get to work on the putting green.  Starting with 6 foot putts and in and then roll 25 and longer putts.  Hopefully they have a chipping area and maybe even a practice bunker.  If all that starts to feel right then I can head to the range and start the same process I did last night except that I will end my warmup with my driver last being that will be the first shot I hit for the day.

If you are accustom to NOT making an effort to prepare to play golf in an organized manner as just described, no wonder it takes you three or four holes to get going.

Get back to you tonight when I get home!