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How To Use A Yardage Book To Lower Your Golf Score

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on September 25 2012

Here’s a webinar we did on the yardage book at Pendleton Golf Course just south of Fredericksburg VA.  Yes I know you spent $400 on the latest range finder but I still prefer the yardage book and here’s why.  I want to read the defense from a birds eye view.  Like a quarterback has to read a defense, golfers must do the same by looking for what the obstacles the golf course has is in store to capture your ball.

The yardage book at Pendleton is exceptional because it shows contours.  Mucho Importante!  No unexpected bad kicks because you see the contour drawn in the book.

Nothing wrong with using your range finder too, but don’t drive the golfers behind you nuts with a six hour round.  Please take a minute to watch this informative webinar that will lower your golf score even with the swing you got.

By the way, Jim Mason, Director of Golf at Pendleton is offer his yardage book at half off.  Regular $6.25 now only $3.50.  You only need to buy it once, if you take care with it and keep it handy in your golf bag for the next round.