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I Did a Video Analysis of My Own Swing This Time…Now You Can Laugh at Me!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on November 04 2011

As I said in the offer for joining the new lesson membership, I too will be working on my golf game right along with you.  I started officially yesterday.  Like I mentioned, I do NOT have the kind of time to practice now like I did in my early years when I played for a living.  Now I’m in the same boat you’re in.

I did get a good hour in though and took some video of it and did an analysis.  You will be able to see the difference in the videos of my swing as well as your own during this process.

Tomorrow we start a blitz of workshop lessons at Patterson Golf Park.  Bunkers, putting and 80 yard shots.  I’ll post some commentary on that tomorrow.

To get to the video analysis of my swing just go here.  Once you get on the page, look at the list of swing analysis of PGA pros.