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I Like the Way John Spieth Plays Golf

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 09 2014

I Like the Way John Spieth Plays Golf

Great golf swing tempo, rhythm and balance

Golfers get so hung-up on golf swing positions that I think many golfers miss the point.  Of course it is in the best interest of the swing gurus and golf magazines to show positions and do comparisons.  Good for business.  Guilty as charged!  I do it all the time.

However, is the golf swing tempo and golf swing management even more important or influential to your success as a golfer than the golf swing position?  Proper swing positions can “in theory” make it easier or “less risky” to return the golf club face to the proper impact position.  Yea?  Tell that to Jim Furyk or Lee Trevino.

Now just maybe, (in the case of Jim Furyk and John Spieth, having less than ideal swing positions like grip and more), questionable swing positions might cause one to have to be even more cognizant of their swing management.  As an example both Furyk and Spieth are excellent golf game managers.

Roberto DiVincenzo, (great Argentine golfer that had controversy at the Masters) once told me, “great faith will beat a great swing any time.”  Let’s add to that, “great swing management will beat a great swing without good management every time.”

Why not spend a little more time on your swing preparation, (pre-shot routine) swing ignition, (how you start it back) and over all tempo of your golf swing, especially on the initiation of the down swing.  Nickalus used to say, “swing within yourself.”

You can swing harder and not hit the ball any further because you missed the center of the golf club face.  So concentrate on the above as well as a good center hit and improve consistency.  Here’s the swing analysis of John Spieth below.