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I Suggest You Join the Tidewater Amateur Golf Tour

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 24 2006

I ran into a diamond in the rough with the Tidewater Amateur Golf Tour. Amateur golfers in Virginia can participate in a number of stroke play golf tournaments. The 2006 tour will consist of 17 tournaments starting in March and ending in October with the Local Tour Championship. The tour will then travel to Myrtle Beach for the National Tour Championship.

The Tidewater schedule ranges from Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Williamsburg, Chesapeake, Norfolk and even Northern Virginia. Some of the courses they’ll be playing are TPC of Virginia Beach, Williamsburg National, Stonehouse, Golden Horseshoe, with the National Championship at Wild Wing in Mytrle Beach.

The tour offers different flights so anyone can participate. They also control your stats like greens in regulation, fairways hit and more. Great idea!

I like this tour for one big reason. It will make you a better golfer! I guarantee it! I remember from my days on the professional tour, when you went back home to play you amazed yourself on how much you had improved.

There’s something about playing under competitive pressure that just can’t be experienced in practice or playing a nassau with your buddies. Especially the fact that the tournaments are held under stroke play conditions. You have to finish every hole.

You can visit their web site at It’s only about $70 to join.