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If You Are Going to Play Tournament Golf, You Better Get Good at Pre-shot Routine!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 15 2006

One huge example of the difference between the golfer that makes it in tournament play and the one that doesn’t is his/her pre-shot routine. Golfers that play a significant amount of tournament play eventually learn this. You’ll also pick it up by playing with better golfers.

Your challenge is to swing a golf club the same way almost every time. I say almost being that the occasion does present itself when you need to hit a knock down shot which calls for a variation from your normal swing motion. For the most part you need to swing the golf club the same way every time whether it’s your driver or your wedge. That process begins by approaching the ball the same way every time. In fact Lee Trevino stated that the timing of a golf shot begins the moment you make your first step towards the address position. I agree.

There is no one perfect pre-shot routine. You need to find the right for you. If it helps you any mine is; I stand behind the golf ball. Choose my club, the shot I’m going to make and view the shot before hand in my mind’s eye. Once I believe I’m ready I make my first step towards the ball. In my mind the clock starts ticking. I set the club face first, then my upper body and right foot and then my left foot. I take two waggles and I’m out of here. Let it rip. There’s nothing you can do about it now. Swing the golf club freely and keep in mind they can’t electrocute you if you play bad. Of course your wife could make fun of you and that might be worse!