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If You Can’t Putt – You Can’t Play Golf

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on April 06 2014

If You Can’t Putt – You Can’t Play Golf

Very few golfers invest the time and effort to work on their putting and when they do it looks more like an ADD attack.  Disorganized, disoriented and without a specific purpose.

CheckPoint Golf Systems has developed a system that will discipline your practice efforts, give it purpose and a means of measuring the results which is very much the key.

putting-class We held a workshop on putting this past Saturday at Pendleton Golf Club and the CheckPoint System was a big hit!  We used the great charts that come with the system so that golfers could mark down which putts they made and which ones need more work.  If you can’t measure it why do it?  CheckPoint provides it all with the system.  Not just a bunch of strings it’s a system for honing in on the one facet of the game of golf that has the most influence on the bottom line, your golf score.



Why not join us at Pendleton for the next putting class.  Give us a call at 804-378-7456 if you would like to join us.  For members check the online reservations system for dates and times.