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If You Get This You Could Be Breaking 80 Consistently!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 10 2012

If You Get This You Could Be Breaking 80 Consistently!

You might have seen this on Youtube but I’ve had this video well before it ever went on Youtube.  This used to be an obscure video of Ben Hogan visiting some friends where he demonstrated his technique for swinging in very slow motion on the beach.  Why practice in slow motion?  Well I guess you can feel every movement and send signals to the brain telling it where you want to be at every step.

The BIG key here is this!  Notice during the slow motion portion how much shoulder tilt Ben incorporates and how much he over emphasizes it.  He literally backs up during the “under” motion of the shoulders.  This is the one BIG key that most golfers do NOT get.  The shoulders have to turn parallel to the same plane as the golf club path!  See my Blog entry for December 8th for a training video on turning your shoulders through the impact area.

Another BIG key!  Notice how Ben also performs his waggle in slow motion.  The waggle in the old days was a rhythm exercise.  It kept you loose and set the pace for your swing tempo.  Today the waggle is a rehearsal for the initial path of the golf club on the take-a-way.  The players are more mechanical today and build their swings more for power than accuracy or consistency.

Please hang in their until he reaches the portion on the video where he swings in slow motion.  It’s worth it.  Now hereeeeeeeeee’s Benny!