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Improve Your Putting – Yes Putt Your Way To Success!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 11 2014

Improve Your Putting – Yes Putt Your Way To Success!

It never fails that one finds the driving range packed and the putting green wide open.  Why?  I guess hitting the snot out of a golf ball is fun.  However, the way you score, is putting the ball in the hole!  There is no worse feeling than hitting a great drive and then a decent iron shot to the green.  At this point you probably covered over 400 yards of real estate, only to take three more putts to move the ball 30 feet.  It just doesn’t make sense.

My opinion is that:
1) Most golfers do not appreciate how important putting is
2) Most golfers do NOT know how to practice putting effectively

Checkpoint Golf Systems offers a complete putting practice kit you can carry in a small bag.  The systems includes both the short putt and the long lag putt.  We covered the entire putting system head to toe in our webinar which you can watch a copy of below.

We use this system in our one day golf school so join us. For more about our one day golf school…….



Here’s the great part.  Practicing on the putting green is FREE!  When you talk about more bang for your buck, you can’t beat free vs $10 or more per basket of range balls.  Of course you need to practice both but in balance.  At the very least, practice the same amount of time on the putting green as you do on the driving range.

Here’s the complete webinar which will help yo on your putting.