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Is It Shoulder Turn or Shoulder Tilt?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on July 28 2010

Is It Shoulder Turn or Shoulder Tilt?

Ben Hogan said that this specific move of shoulder tilt vs. should turn was THE number one difference between a successful and unsuccessful golf swing. I see it everyday while teaching golf. Why? Because turning your shoulders back to the golf ball WILL cause you to swing outside in or over the top.

Here’s the drill you need to develop shoulder tilt. Once you get to the top of your back swing stop…..then imagine you are going to ring a giant church bell that weighs about a thousand pounds. Come on man….you have to make this a little dramatic!

Then pull down on the rope that rings the bell. In fact the bell is so heavy that you have to pull down with your right shoulder and upper body as well which should cause a tilt straight down towards the ground. DON’T turn back to the golf ball…pull down on the rope. Instinctively your body will turn back to the ball just in time to make contact and your right shoulder, (for right handers) lower.

Another way to test yourself is to check and see if your shoulders traded positions. For instance, at the top of your back swing your left shoulder should be low and right shoulder high. When you pull on the rope your shoulders should have traded positions. Your right shoulder will be low and your left shoulder high.

Ignore the feeling that you’re going to hit behind the golf ball. It may feel like you will but you should not UNLESS your back swing is too far behind yourself. To check that position, at the top of your back swing stop…then soften your arms and bring the golf club and your hands towards the center of your chest. If your hands are not directly in front of your chest then you are behind yourself in the back swing.

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Bobby Lopez, PGA