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Is There A Way To Add Distance Over the Winter?

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on January 17 2011

Is There A Way To Add Distance Over the Winter?

Now’s the time! Just about all sports today are no long seasonal. The off season is an opportunity to make adjustments on your swing as well as improvements in your strength and flexibility. Of course you most likely are playing golf for fun. You could be on of those Virginia golfers that competes in a few of the fine amateur tournaments in the area. Either way, now’s the time!

At you new indoor location SCOR, we have Jason Elkin, who s a certified Titleist TPI golf fitness instructor. You can find out more about the TPI program by going here. All the exercises are golf specific. You can choose your level of improvement and go over with Jason exactly what your goals are. I can set you up with a complete evaluation with Jason once I take a look at your swing. I will show Jason the video of your swing so he and I can evaluate your current situation. Then Jason will get together with you and do a complete evaluation and show you exactly what you need to do to improve for 2011.

I am beginning the program myself and will keep you informed as to my improvement. I’m adding the new creation of my friend PGA Pro Jerry Donahue. It’s called the Speed Flex Pro. It is a weighted stick which is fitted to your current specific swing speed and will enhance your club head speed properly in as little as 30 days.

You may have heard of the Speed Stick Veejay Singh used to pump on TV. Well I stayed away from that one because it was to long. The over length caused one to swing flatter than you normally would which I think is detrimental to your swing.

The Speed Flex pro is sized to your common driver length.

Whether you choose a swing aid like the Speed Flex Pro or you join an exercise program that is golf specific now’s the time to get started. You will be very happy you did once you get to March. Just imagine the look on your Buddie’s faces when you drive it past them!

In case you’re interested in the Speed Flex Pro just send me an email and I’ll explain it to you. I sell it for $10 less than the manufacturer, (they are $89, I’m $79) and I’ll help you pick out the one you want with no shipping for Richmond locals.