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Let’s Play Name That Pro! Win a Dozen Golf Balls!

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on September 11 2012

It’s time to play….Name That pro!  I’ve done a video analysis of a touring pro that does a great job of turning behind the golf ball.  I truly have no idea who he is but I’m sure we’ll find out, and hope you’re the first to tell me.

You’ll notice a few flaws that could be risky like the lifting out of his shoes on the follow through.  Leaning back instead of setting the proper tilt at the top of the back swing.  Heck, the golf ball won’t complain if he gets the golf club back to square at impact.

Great example for those who are transferring their weight to the front foot only to get in front of the golf ball and cause a bail out to the right or a snap hook. You need to turn BEHIND the golf ball!

Send your guess as to who this pro is to