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Lopez Talks Golf On The National PGA Scene

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on January 23 2015

Lopez Talks Golf On The National PGA Scene

bobby-lopez-jim-mcleanThanks to the confidence the folks at V-1 had in me, I was invited to be a guest speaker for PGA pros at the 2015 PGA show in Orlando along with Jim McClean.  The pressure’s on but we can take it.

I can say that meeting Jim McLean was and honor and pleasure and he could not have been nicer.  I spoke at 11:00 AM and Jim at 4 PM so I returned to hear what he had to say.  You can always learn something from a veteran teacher.  Jim is high on the new Boditrak system that tracks your body motion in the golf swing.  I will be doing a complete Blog entry on nothing but the BodiTrak shortly so stay tuned.  I will also include a video of teaching professional Scott Hamilton who teaches about eight tour players and is equally high on this new Boditrak system.


Here’s some feedback on my presentation:

Dear Bobby,
Thank you SO very much for your presentation for V1 on how to use your branded academy.  It was awesome.  Please send me the slides you mentioned so I can learn more of what you know. 
Thank you for sharing your experience and methods.

Dear Bobby,

I thought your presentation yesterday was amazing !
Your ideas & implementation are brilliant !  well done !  It’s also amazing that you would be willing to share these ideas with others.
anyway, I would like to take the online course about Google that you suggested & Learn More about your business ideas, which I truly found to be exciting.
Bill Osetek (the guy sitting next to you) & pga
Member from met section