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Matt Kuchar Shows True Grit

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on April 21 2014

Matt Kuchar Shows True Grit

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but Matt Kuchar has gone through some serious disappointments as of late.  Knocking a ball in the water on the last hole to loose a golf tournament he should have won.  Having to watch your opponent knock in some unbelievable shots to boot.

Fact is, you MUST be able to accept a lot of disappointment in sports to endure and Matt Kuchar showed it beautifully here.  No complaining or whining during the drought period with a boohoo why me.  Matt Kuchar just keep battling along knowing that eventually his time would come.  That takes true grit!

I’m not keen on his swing changes but I’ve seen crazier things work.  As long as Matt Kuchar believes in his swing theory and can perform it, why should we criticize?  So Matt Kuchar swings on a flat plane which is unusual for a tall guy but he has bought into it and that’s what it takes to be successful.  

This should also be a lesson to those who aspire to play competitive golf for a living.  Tour golf is a long term commitment and not just for the tour player.  How about the folks investing in their pony hoping for a return on their investment!  Matt Kuchar’s career goes back to 1998.

I dare to guess that during 2003 until 2007, Matt Kuchar lost money every year.  At least somebody did!  A four year drought could cause anyone to question their dedication.  Matt Kuchar stuck it out and kept working to the great position he is in today.  Somebody got their money back, plus.

Just like any other business it takes times and dedication and it’s over the long haul.  Let’s take a look at Matt Kuchar’s new flat golf swing.