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Monday was a Great One Day School

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on October 26 2011

We had a great time during the One Day Golf School at Pendleton on Monday.  The weather was perfect.  The group of guys were very enjoyable and eager to learn AND I had a hot hand with the irons.

Like I’ve said on many occasions, the first thing on my mind when I tee it up is, “getting the ball within the six foot circle”. Of course once I get there I have to make it.  That’s why I spend most of my practice time six feet and in.  While in Tampa, I am going to video some putting drills so stay close.

OK I get to brag now.  I hit it within six feet on hole #1,2,4,5,6,and 7.  The best compliment I’ve had in quite while was when one of the golfers in the group said, “you’re making me sick!”

Yes golf can be fun when you’re playing your best but you still have to learn how to enjoy yourself on bad days too.