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New Callaway Golf Ball

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on December 03 2014

New Callaway Golf Ball

You’ve heard me many times that you should consider hitting the same golf ball throughout the entire season.  Not for distance as much as for around the green.  You MUST get used to how the ball comes off the putter face, (recoil speed) as well as your chip shots and how the golf ball reacts when it hits the green.

Well, with the slow down in the sales of new drivers, you will see the golf club companies really focusing on the technology in the golf ball.  One of the downsides to that is the new golf ball every year syndrome.  You have to recalculate with your new golf ball the distance and short game performance.

With all this being said, Callaway is very excited about a break trough they’ve made with a new golf ball configuration (The Callaway Chrome Soft) that promises to offer the best of both worlds.  Generally the longer golf balls are hard and not very agile around the green.  A perfect example is the Pinnacle golf ball that mostly long drive contest golfers use.

The soft cover and core golf ball like the Titleist V1, the Callaway SR1,2,3 have the best performance around the green but usually cost top dollar as well. As much as $5 every time you hit a golf ball in the water, yikes!

I have no idea what the new Callaway golf ball is going to cost but I do have the preview video sent to me by Callaway that describes some of the features with Phil Nickelson.  The video does not mention the name but it will be the Chrome Soft.

Follow this Blog for an update once I have it.