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New Callaway Golf Clubs for 2015

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on March 17 2015

New Callaway Golf Clubs for 2015

new-callaway-golf-clubsI’ve posted all the new callaway golf clubs for 2015 on our site  I also had the opportunity to attend a special session for Callaway staff pros, (of which I am one) in Alexandria.  Some of the top brass from Callaway flew over and it was eye opening to talk directly to the engineers that build the golf clubs and find out exactly what and why they did something different this year and how does that benefit our students.

Lets start with the driver.  Everybody wants to hit it further and you can too…..maybe!  Considering that the COR rule is in effect, which means you can not have a golf club face that allows the golf ball to recoil off the club face at a faster rate than .83.  Simple terms, they shoot a golf ball out of a cannon at 100 mph at the golf club head and the ball can not recoil back faster than 83 miles per hour.

callaway-big-bertha-v-series-driverWith that being said, the only thing you can do to make the ball go further is:

1) Make the golf club travel faster through weight or design or length.
2) Increase the amount of the golf club face that produces .83 recoil.

The new Callaway V Series driver use less weight to make the golf club head go faster.  The gram weight of the head is about 193 grams vs. the typical head weight is about 205 grams.  The math is: for every 10 grams you lighten the golf club you pick up 1 mile per hour of clubs head speed which equates to about 3 yards.  The V Series is also about 46 inches standard which is about an inch longer then their other drivers.

Sound familiar?  Yes our Palo Grande weights even less at 275 gracallaway-big-bertha-alpha-815ms and is 48 inches long, the legal limit.  Now here’s a BIG surprise.  After talking with the engineers at Callaway they will make a Palo Grande for us and support the effort.  I’ll have more on that on the Blog soon.  Just placed an order for demos as well.  It’s basically their light model V Series with a few teaks to accommodate the additional weight in making it longer.

Lets take the second scenario.  You can’t swing the golf club any faster so you’re stuck with the length you have?  No!  You can improve on the launch angle, ball spin for additional roll and/or carry AND what Callaway is doing for you is making the recoil area of the golf club face larger so that if you miss the center of gravity the drop off in ball speed is not as severe. Callaway has definitely improved in this department from last year.

If you hit any golf club in the center of gravity you will get the best performance you can get out of that golf club.  However some head designs drop off the planet in ball speed if you miss the center of gravity.  Do keep in mind that you may still be penalized in accuracy for missing the center of gravity.

To see the entire new line of New Callaway Golf Clubs for 2015 go to: