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New Golf Video Drills

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 19 2014

New Golf Video Drills

I’m in Crestview Florida right this minute heading to Tampa Florida.  I’m going to be filming some new golf video drills for our members only section of the website under Golf Drills Library.

If you have any suggestions for new golf video drills you might be interested in please let me know so I try and include your request.  For instance more dills on:

Over the top
SlicingKnock down shots
Hitting it fat

You name it.  Just email me at

Here’s a sample golf video drills for you that will help you get your body turning at the proper angle.  Remember the body turn is the camshaft of the engine in the golf swing.

Golf-Drill-Shoulder-Rotation from Bobby Lopez on Vimeo.

The new golf video drills will be a bit more in detail and listed differently.  For instance: If you have a problem with your body tilt at the top of your back swing, (what used to be called a reverse pivot, I will list three or four different drills that attack that one single issue.  Maybe drill one works for you, maybe drill two etc.  Sometimes a drills works better in harmony with other drills.  Do drill one on Monday, drill on Tuesday.  Go back to drill one on Monday.  Bottom line is you need to nag your swing fault in to submission and must choose the right weapon, golf video drill, to do it with.  A drill is described as  re-programing repair motion.

Weight lifters will follow a similar method.  They may use two or three different exercises all geared toward increasing their bicep strength.  The all serve a similar purpose and attack the issue from a different angle.