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Nicklaus' Rolex Watch Fetches a Pretty Penny!!

Written by Darren deMaille


Posted on December 12 2019

On Wednesday December 10,2019 Jack Nicklaus auctioned off his Rolex Watch.  The original 18-karat gold Rolex 1803 Day-Date that Nicklaus owned and wore is being auctioned at Manhattan's Phillips Auction House for charity, with all the proceeds to be given to his Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation. 

Since 1967, the gold wristwatch on Jack Nicklaus' wrist has been a part of


almost every image of the 18-time major champion. It is one of many prized possessions the Golden Bear has accumulated throughout his legendary career. 

"To know that 100 percent of the money raised from the sale of something on my wrist, that I have treasured for over a half-century, will directly benefit pediatric care is a treasure of the heart,” Nicklaus said in a release. 

The funny thing that nobody knows, is that this watch was lost at one point.  During the later part of Nicklaus’ playing career, The Bear’s Club Director of Golf, Eric Veilleux, was caddie for Nicklaus.  There were very few rules that Jack had for Veilleux, however one of them was never, ever, ever, leave the bag alone. 

One day Veilleux, was waiting in the locker room waiting for Nicklaus to return, who was at a post round interview.  Veilleux was waiting for some time and needed to use the restroom.  Deciding he needed to re-leave himself and the bag should be safe in the locker room just a few step away, Veilleux left for a quick two minutes.  Just as soon as he left, Nicklaus returned seeing the bag unattended.  Jack went into his top pocket of the golf bag took the watch out and quickly disappeared to prank Veilleux. 

Upon his return to the bag, Veilleux continued to wait for Nicklaus.  A few minutes later Nicklaus appears and starts to rummage through the bag for his watch.  Nicklaus ask Veilleux as to where the watch was as he had left it in the top pocket.  Immediately, Veilleux begins to panic as he thinks the worst case.  After several minutes Veilleux fesses up and tells Jack that he had left the bag for a moment to use the bathroom.  Nicklaus took the watch out of his pocket and puts it on his wrist and said,”Never, ever leave the bag”.       

Darren deMaille, PGA