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Phil Mickelson’s Callaway Big Bertha Alpha

Written by Bobby Lopez


Posted on February 14 2014

Phil Mickelson’s Big Bertha Alpha Driver

callaway-big-bertha-alpha-driverThis is a quote from Phil Mickelson about his new Big Bertha Alpha Driver.  Phil says: “This year I have the best driver I’ve ever hit Big Bertha Alpha that lowers my spin rate just like my three-wood. I drive it longer and straighter with my driver than I did with my three-wood,” he added. “It’s

a whole different weapon in my arsenal now and if I drive the ball well, like I have been in practice and in the off-season, heading into this 2014 season it could be the best year of my career for that simple reason.”

What he’s actually referring to here is the face adjustment on the Callaway 3 Deep Fairway Wood.  Because the COR rules only apply on golf clubs up to 12 degrees of loft, the Callaway 3 deep fairway wood is 13 degrees and it’s HOT!

Due to the way the golf clubs is designed the launch angle and ball spin are reduced so it reacts more like a weak driver than a three wood.  Far more difficult to hit off the ground but fantastic off the tee.  You can see all the options available for the big Bertha Alpha Driver on our web site here.

Make you appointment now to try the new Big Bertha Alpha out for yourself in our official Callaway fitting system.

You can see the complete ESPN article and interview with Phil here.